French TWD AU : Beth and Daryl find shelter in the french countryside.

Daryl doesn’t want to share his Camembert (stinky french cheese)…

(Spéciale dédicace aux frenchies: ohlongjohnsson, spaceshipdear, captaincalahaan, kaamelottingalldaylong )

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Not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fucking feel every minute.

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"That little persistent kid has somehow gotten in under the wire."

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ian/mickey + faceless

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"I loved you. I loved you. I couldn’t put it back together, I couldn’t put it back together. I made a deal with myself. I will keep you alive, I will find you a place, I will fix that. I couldn’t open that door, I couldn’t risk it. I was going to keep you alive; Carl; the baby. And then I thought there’d be time. There’s never time. I loved you. I love you. I couldn’t put it back together. I should’ve said it, should’ve said it."

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The Walking Dead meme: [11/20] characters

Glenn Rhee

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never doubt my ability to watch the same episode of something ten thousand times and remain just as interested and entertained every single time

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shameless meme: favorite male characters (3/6) kevin ball

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Favourite Ian Gallagher outfits [part 1]

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Title: I Follow Rivers (Acoustic)
Artist: Lykke Li
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Be my only, be the water and I’m wading

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