Norman Reedus at Spike TV’s ‘Guys Choice 2014’

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favorite relationships: debbie gallagher & mickey milkovich

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she does not make the history lists,
nor do monuments portray.
she does not brave the war,
but she saves the day.
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P.S. The real world isn’t going to accommodate you and your “comfort.” When you get off Tumblr, there aren’t any trigger warnings. Wearing a nametag with your “gender identity” on it would be absolutely laughable. You’ll have to learn to be an adult and deal with people without being psychotic and wishing death on them.

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Take care of little ass-kicker, and Carl. That’s one tough kid.

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 ★ the walking dead meme: ★ five quotes -> 1/5

The world we know is gone. But keeping our humanity?
                                   That’s a choice.

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N o t  a n y m o r e …

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dont look at my fucking boner when we fight


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